White German Shepherd mix - Female

Amber Amber, a white German Shepherd mix, was adopted from the Redding, California pound in December 1983 as a 12 week old victim of neglect and abuse. After enjoying the open spaces of Trinity County for a couple of years, her family moved to Los Angeles. She started her training in SAR in 1987 working as a mission ready trailing dog for both CARDA and Los Angeles Search Dogs. When Frances moved to the Bay area in 1990, Amber continued her work with CARDA and added affiliations with Santa Clara and then Alameda County. Before her retirement in 1997 and death in 1998, she acted as CARDA's only trailing team north of L.A. for most of her working years.

Her initial fear of strangers created an inauspicious start to her SAR career, but she loved to work and it changed her perspective on people in the process. As the first trailing dog and first mixed breed SAR dog in CARDA in Northern California in 1990, I'd like to think that she also changed some people's thinking in her time with us. Amber enjoyed fabulous health all of her life and blessed her companion's life with a willful and playfully manipulative spirit combined with a shy and gentle soul.

Handler: Frances Roelfsema (157)



Autumn Chardonnay, CGC
Golden Retriever - Female
January 1991 to July 2002
Certified in Wilderness and Water

AutumnAutumn was a natural when it came to searching in wilderness situations, becoming certified before she was two years old. Throughout her life, she always enjoyed searching, be it in training, tests, or actual situations. She participated in many wilderness searches in the rugged Coast and Cascade Ranges of the northernmost California region. Autumn was retired from CARDA in 2001, but continued to train and to monitor the progress of her young search dog buddy and successor. She had the opportunity to receive the Canine Good Citizen Award just a few months before she passed on. Autumn will always be remembered and appreciated by all who knew her friendly, gentle disposition, and her willingness to do what needed to be done.

Handler: Phil Kearney (257)



Bruga von Kriegerhaus SCHHI, AD, CD, LavHI, TT, CGC, AGII, CA, KH, OFA good "Bruga"
German Shepherd - Male
April 77 - Aug 91
SAR certifications - Wilderness, disaster, avalanche

Bruga Search and Rescue DogCARDA. He loved to work and search. He was a big shepherd and I think his favorite job was tearing apart the rubble to get to the hidden subjects. A great disaster dog we all loved to watch. The lessons learned with this dog have never been forgotten. "Bruga Bear" - What a dog!

Handler: Bev Peabody (101)



Pawnees Cherokee Summer, TDX
German Shepherd - Female
October 1990 to November 1996
SAR disciplines: Wilderness, Water, Cadaver

Cherokee Search and Rescue Dog"taken from me, but forever in my heart"

Handler: Carol Shapiro (269)






"FIN" Pawnees Finden CGC, TT, TD (therapy dog), AGII and CA
German Shepherd Dog - Male
July 83 to July 93
Certified in: Wilderness, Cadaver/Evidence

Fin Search and Rescue DogFin was a superb tracking dog and a master of agility. He was a medium size shepherd and loved to work. If ever there was a dog who loved to fly, it was Fin. He loved to ride in helicopters, Piper Cubs and hot air balloons. One of Fin's favorite rides was in harness where he was hoisted 200 ft in the air at the Moffett Air Show in the airship hanger.

Handler: Bev Peabody (101)



Bloodhound - Female
November 1990 - March 1998
Certified in: Trailing & Cadaver

Hilary Search and Rescue DogHillary was a rescue herself. I believe I was her sixth owner. Jim and I promised she'd never have to change homes again, and we kept our word. She was deployed in the field on searches, sometimes in cold rain/snow and sometimes in the desert heat. She never let me down.

Handler: Jan Frazee (304)





Jock, CD
5/1988 - 10/2000
Mixed Breed: Black Labrador/Golden Retriever
SAR Disciplines: Avalanche, Water, Wilderness

Jock Search and Rescue DogJock was adopted when he was three years old. His previous owner, a member of CARDA, was killed in a mountain climbing accident. He joined our family and became our Gentle Giant. He had the Determination of the Labrador and the Gentleness of the Golden. He went on many searches with me in a lot of different environments. He accepted the new puppies and even got to like the boys. I retired him from searching in 1999. From then on he was the guy in the back of the truck waiting for some one to come over and pet him.

Jock was my search dog, my playmate and my friend.

Handler: Mary Wong (232)




Jedapay's Jaunty Juba, CDX, TD
Boxer - Female
August 1986 to June 1996
Certified in: Wilderness, Water, Cadaver/Evidence, and as a Basic Urban Disaster Dog (BUDD)

Juba Search and Rescue DogBelieved to be the first Boxer certified in SAR outside of Europe. "There were several cold, windy, and rainy nights when I was tired, wet and discouraged... all I had to do was look at my tireless Boxer who was willing to work cheerfully for as many hours as it took: My sprit was lifted."

Handler: Rhonda Dyer (219)




Copper Canyon's Dakota Chief CD, TDX
Australian Shepherd Male
October 6, 1986 to February 17, 2000

Kody Search and Rescue DogKody was certified in wilderness, water, evidence and cadaver. He was cross trained in disaster. Kody was a very vocal Aussie, who probably holds a record for chewing up the most bringsals in training. His passion was building searching, but in the wilderness he was an "Awesome Aussie", a little dog with a big drive. Kody was also in more demonstrations and hug-a-tree presentations than most dogs.

Handler: Susan Bosse (142)



July 1985 to October 1997
SAR certifications: Wilderness, Water, Cadaver, Disaster
Mixed Breed Male

Koenig Search and Rescue DogKoenig was my trusted companion on searches for ten years. He worked for his love of people and never failed me. He taught me some big lessons for life.

Handler: Christa Wendlandt (220)





11/6/86 to 12/16/98
SAR disciplines: Wilderness certified.
German Shepherd, Female

Lady Search and Rescue DogLady, was adopted when she was one year old from a family who had a baby and had put the dog outside. Lady had never been on a lead and was terrified, at first, to be taking her first walk. Her trust in her handler was amazing and she went through advanced obedience quickly. Then came SAR agility and other frightening trials, and if Roland was there, that was good enough for her - she did it. We were fortunate to have Lady in our family for 11 years. Her memory lives on in our hearts and the many photos of her at work and play.

Handler: Roland Hinkle (209)



Pawnee Mesa Verde CGC, AGII and CA
Belgian Malinois - Female
May 1990 to Aug 1996
Certified in: Wilderness

Mesa Search and Rescue DogMesa was a small Malinois. She was a great agility dog; she liked to hide in the tunnels. And she loved the snow.

Handler: Bev Peabody (101)






Male Australian Shepherd
DoB 9/21/92 - DoD 11/26/98

Ranger Search and Rescue DogRanger was certified in Wilderness, Water, Cadaver and Evidence. It was a pleasure watching Ranger work and even more fun watching Terry trying to get Ranger's "long down" signoff, 17 tries. Ranger loved to fly in helicopters, especially the Blackhawk. Ranger would do what ever task was asked of him. Ranger died doing his job. What a search dog!

Handler: Terry Butrym (118)



Australian Shepherd
October 1994 to March 2005

Runner Search and Rescue DogRunner a male Australian Shepherd was an exceptional dog. He was tracking at 7 weeks old, started puppy run always, and puppy agility.Runner loved people and little kids, he was great when we did Hug-A-Tree programs. What a SAR ambassador. He was certified in area search and 30 days later had a catastrophic accident during a training excercise that ended his search career. He would range way out, and would practically stand on his hind legs, checking to see if I was still coming, he was a great search dog.
But, he bounced back and became a therapy dog. He was Larry's companion for many years after retiring from SAR and work.
Runner went everywhere Larry. He loved going, loved the helo and loved being with kids. He will always be missed.

Handler: Bev Peabody (101)



Female Australian Shepherd
July 1993 to December 2001
Certified in Wilderness

Rusty Search and Rescue DogRusty was a wonderful dog. She was my first search dog, headstrong and brave. She was very timid when we started our training, but she met challenges with courage and devotion. Through her work in SAR and from the bounty of our colleagues, she overcame her shyness. Her hardheadedness drove me nuts, but she successfully commanded respect from me and I learned to appreciate it.

Rusty was spirited and willful, as she was generous and totally committed. She loved her job; she had tremendous pride for it, and was darn good at it. In her years as a seasoned search dog, her skill and confidence at doing her job left me impressed and proud. As I move on to certifying me next dog, I will always remember the lessons Rusty taught me about this work. My relationship with her has brought me more joy and pride than I ever thought possible as she opened doors for me, and led me on journeys of adventure that I'll never forget.
Rusty was a member of CARDA, Alameda County SAR and Yosemite National Park SAR.

Handler: Susan Spott (309)



Searching Sage Wiseacre, CD, CGC
Mission Ready in: Area, Water, Cadaver and Basic Urban Disaster

Sage Search and Rescue DogSage was the kind of dog who would do anything that was asked of her, and who was constantly on the alert to see what might be asked next. Day or night if I chanced to look over at her, the odds were that she had her eyes on me. If I could explain what I wanted, she would do it. I could trust her in any situation, and felt privileged by her trust in me.

Sage did everything with intensity. Whether she was searching, playing Frisbee, playing Flyball, snuggling, or greeting a friend, she was heart and soul into the activity. I loved her focus, good will, quick intelligence, expressiveness, warmth, sense of humor, reliability, enthusiasm and drive.

Sage worked searches throughout the state of California, the last only a month before she died from Lymphoma. She was an exceptional search dog and a great friend.

Handler: Denise Blackman (186)



Doberman Pinscher, Female
July 1990 - May 1996
Certified in: Wilderness and Cadaver

Shasta Search and Rescue DogShasta's most exciting search would have to have been finding a man buired 10 feet deep in September of 1993. This was Shasta's first real find. We both learned so much from that search and I never doubted her again. She was my first search dog and my best teacher.

Handler: Eva Cecil (259)






Highwinds Shawnee CD, TDX
Australian Shepherd, male
Dob 3/13/78 - DoD 12/18/93
Certified in Wilderness.

Shawnee Search and Rescue DogShawnee searched in Alaska, Arizona and California. Shawnee loved to search. His most memorable searches were in Ketchikan Alaska, the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and the Twenty-nine Palms military search. Shawnee was known to thousands of kids by participating in numerous Hug-A-Tree presentations. Shawnee also participated in several demonstrations and safety fairs.

Handler: Susan Bosse (142)




Tanis (Topaz Forgetten Realms)
8/30/1991 - 3/20/2004
Certifications: Wilderness, Water, Cadaver

Tanis Search and Rescue Dog

She was one of the most gentle souls that I've ever met. And, although she wasn't the first boxer in CARDA, her Aunt Juba would have been very proud. Rest easy, my Tanis!

Handler: Rhonda Dyer (219)







Golden Retriever, Female
10/1988 to 9/2002
Certified in Avalanche, Cadaver, Wilderness and Water search
Actively searching for CARDA from 1992 to 2002

Tellus Search and Rescue DogShe has spent her life in the service of others.

Nap time training, spending dinner time searching,

and spending play time finding.

Gone but not forgotten.
Handler: Mary Wong (232)





Mixed Breed (AKA Hungarian Moosehound)
3/22/91 to 1/24/02
Certified in Cadaver and Water search

Thumper Search and Rescue DogThumper was the light of my life. Never sad, never angry, always happy to be with me doing anything. He was rescued at a small town pound at 11 weeks of age, his ice blue eyes capturing my heart almost instantly. Discovering he was deaf 2 weeks later didn't slow us down a bit. He was a therapy dog who went to convalescent homes to visit the elderly. He went to classrooms to help teach children that disabilities didn't have to stand in their way of doing anything they wanted to do.

The day he got his job as a search dog, at 3 years old, he was reborn. The first time his "uniform" was put on, there was a strut in his step and he knew he had a purpose. His deafness was a challenge only to those who didn't know him. It certainly didn't hinder his searching ability. He was a member of the Tehama County SAR, Childquest International, Butte County SAR, and CARDA. He made his last water find 5 months before a debilitating neuromuscular disorder forced him into retirement.

I will forever miss him and he will always be the one, and only, rare blue eyed Hungarian Moosehound.

Handler: Trish Cox (366)




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