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Search dog training and related subjects
Canine behavior
Map & compass
Man tracking
Canine tracking
Canine first aid

Search dog training and related subjects:

Search Dog Training, Sandy Bryson, The Boxwood Press, 183 Ocean View Blvd.

Search & Rescue Technical Notes, Hatch Graham, P.O. Box 39, Somerset, Ca 95684

Scent and the Scenting Dog, Wm Syrotuck, Arner Publications NY
Technical information on how the dog's sense of smell actually works and the physiology of the k-9 nose. Also how scent is carried, what forms "scent" and particularly human scent. This is the classic work upon which modern scent training is based, but this is not an easy read!

Analysis of Lost Person Behavior, Wm Syrotuck, Arner Publications, NY
A scientific study of the behavior of lost persons - includes children, hunters, retarded people. Valuable for search and rescue work.

Olfactions and Odours, Wm. McCartney, Springer-Verlag Berlin - Heidelberg – New York

Scent, Training to Track and Search & Rescue, Milo Pearsall & Huga Verbruggen, MD, Alpine Publications (Dr. Verbruggen’s is very good)
A thorough review of tracking theory and method. Excellent section on the scientific qualities of scent - how dogs smell and the environmental factors that affect scent. One of the classic tracking books!

Companion Dog Training, Has Tossutti, Howell Book House

Bloodhounds and How to Train Them , Lena Reed

The Police Textbook for Dog Handlers, by Bill Tolhurst, Sharp Printing, 3477 Lockport Rd, N.Y. 14132
Selection, training, and use of dogs for man trailing, cadaver recovery, and arson work. Positive no-force techniques. Designed as a textbook for departmental training.

Practical Scent Dog Training, Lue Button, Alpine Publication
Step-by-step training guide for air scent, evidence search, disaster search and AKC tracking test. We'd suggest this more for those interested in search and rescue, police work, etc. rather than AKC tracking.

Search and Rescue Dogs, Training Methods, The American Rescue Dog Assoc. Howell Book House, ISBN: 0876057334
An excellent basic guide to SAR and a must for anyone interested in joining or forming a SAR unit. Covers training needed, equipment, and what you may have to do on a mission. Good overview.

Ready! The Training of the Search and Rescue Dog, Susan Bulanda, Doral Publishing, ISBN: 0944875416
All America is thrilled by Search and Rescue missions especially when the well-trained dogs are brought in to save victims of earthquakes hurricanes and man-made disasters. We watch with fascination and horror as these tales unfold across our television sets. This is one of the few comprehensive books on the training of SAR dogs. It is a complete approach to training for this type of dog. Nominated as Best Book of the Year in its category by the Dog Writer's Association

Canine behavior:

The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior, Clarence Pfaffenberger, Howel Book House


Help! This Animal Is Driving Me Crazy, Dr. Daniel Tortora, Playboy Press (paperback)

Behavior, Development, and Training the Dog, Fredric Sautter & John Glover, ARCO Publishing Co

Don't Shoot The Dog, Karen Pryor, Bantam Books (paperback)
Explains how to use operant conditioning to shape behavior in all creatures--humans, dogs, cats other creatures. This is the book which revolutionized dog training and turned trainers on to Clicker training.

Lads Before the Wind, Karen Pryor, Harper & Row, NY
This " diary of a dolphin trainer " has been used by dog trainers for the behavioral training techniques Karen Pryor developed. Imaginative dog trainers prize it's stories for their application to their own work. An illuminating study of a creative trainer's mind at work!

Mothers Knows Best, Carol Lea Benjamin, Howell Book House

Dog Behavior, Why Dogs Do What They Do, Ian Dunbar, T.F.H. Publication, Inc, Neptune, NY
Puppy development, body language, canine communication, social behavior, sexual behavior and domestication of the dog. Excellent reference book from popular vet/behaviorist/trainer/ lecturer Dr.. Ian Dunbar!

People Pooches & Problems, Job Michael Evans, Howell Book House
Understanding, controlling and correcting problem behavior in your dog. Learn Evans "Radical Regimen for Recalcitrant Rovers" to help solve problems. Methods are similar to those in Art of Raising a Puppy or How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend DTB138. Practical and common sense methods!

The Dog's Mind, Bruce Fogle, Pelham Books, (Penquin Books USA, Inc., 375 Hudson St N.Y., N.Y. 10014, paperback)
Observing dog behavior is a fascinating pastime! This book explains canine behavior from its origin in the wild to its expression in the domesticated animal. Leaves you with a deeper respect for your furry friends and insights into how to train effectively.

The Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson, James & Kenneth Publishers
Subtitle: A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs. The author's work with her own dogs and those of her clients, combined behaviorists has led her to the realization that dogs probably learn exclusively through conditioning of various types. Understand the role of conditioning of a dog's intelligence & morality; predatory & social behavior; socialization, conflict resolution, fear & aggression; behavior problems & solutions.

Smart Trainers, Brilliant Dogs, Janet R. Lewis, Canine Sports Productions, Lutherville, MD 21093
Whatever your interest: obedience, agility, tracking, herding, conformation or just having a well-trained companion, gain a new understanding of how dogs perceive our commands and respond to them. Explains all the new training lingo like "positive reinforcement," "negative punishment," and "forced" vs. "induced."

Map & compass:

Be an Expert with Map and Compass, Bjourn Kjellstrom, Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, ISBN: 0020292651
This updated edition includes everything the beginner needs to know about orienteering: understanding map symbols; traveling by map alone, by compass alone, or by map and compass together; finding bearings; sketching maps; traveling in the wilderness; and more. The ultimate reference for anyone who wants to feel more at home in the outdoors.

Map, Compass and Campfire, Donald Ratliff, Binfords and Mort. Publishers, ISBN: 0832301299


Scent and the Scenting Dog, Wm Syrotuck, Arner Publications
Technical information on how the dog's sense of smell actually works and the physiology of the k-9 nose. Also how scent is carried, what forms "scent" and particularly human scent. This is the classic work upon which modern scent training is based, but this is not an easy read!

The Sense of Smell & Its Abnormalities, Ellis Dovek, Churchill, Livingstone, Edinburgh & London

Odor Description & Odor Classification, American Elsevier Publishing Co, Inc, NY

Olfaction and Odors, Wm McCartney, Springer-Verlag

Odours, W.W. Moncrief, William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd, London

The Sense of Smell, R.H.Wright, CRC Press, Inc. Boca Raton FL

Man tracking:

Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How, Jack Kearney, Pathway Press El Cajon, CA 92020

Man Tracking, Introduction to the Step by Step Methods, Roland Robbins, Search & Rescue Magazine, P.O. Box 153, Montrose, Ca 91020 (NASAR Book)

Hunting the Clean Boot : The Working Bloodhound, Brian Lowe, Blandford Press, England


The ABC's of Avalanche Safety, Edward R. LaChapelle, Colorado Outdoor Sports Co, Denver, CO (available through REI)

Avalanche Dogs, Willy Grundherr, 1203, Granite Creek Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95065

The Avalanche Handbook, U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture, Forest Service, Miscellaneous Publication

International Mountain Rescue Handbook, Hamish MacInnes, Charles Scribner’s Sons NY

Canine tracking:

Tracking Dog: Theory and Methods, Glen Johnson, Arkner Publications

Tracking: From the Beginning, Gary Patterson, Sirius Publishing
Detailed and well illustrated book for teaching your dog to track. Excellent section on conditioning and reinforcement. Probably directed more towards law enforcement, but parts can be used in AKC tracking, too.

Go Find, Training Your Dog to Track, Louis Wilson Davis, Howell Book House

Fun Nosework for Dogs, Roy Hunter, Howln Moon Press, ISBN: 1888994037

The Koehler Method of Training Tracking Dogs, William Koehler, Howell Book House

Tracking From The Ground Up, Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd, Show-Me Publications, Ballwin, MO
Takes the participant through all phases of training including many of the common difficulties encountered. Prepares the tracker for T. D. and T.D.X. tests. This is one of the best books we have for training AKC tracking. Easy to read and follow - it works!!

Enthusiastic Tracking, The Step-by-Step Training Manual, William R. Sanders, Rhime Publications, 33101 44th Ave N. W., Stanwood, WA 98292-7106

Tracking Guide, Dennis Helm, 9907 Debbie Lane, Machesney, Il 6115-1530
Designed to take dog and handler from beginning tracking to the point where the team can earn an AKC tracking dog title. Methods apply to AKC or Schutzhund tracking, and best of all, this book contains an entire chapter on the new variable surface tracking!! Also contains info on how to enter an AKC tracking test, and AKC tracking statistics.

Bring Your Nose Over Here, Tracking Training, Wentworth Brown, ASAP Printing, Albuquerque, NM

Scent: Training to Track, Search & Rescue, Milo Pearsal & Dr. Hugo Verbruggen, Alpine Publication, CO
A thorough review of tracking theory and method. Excellent section on the scientific qualities of scent - how dogs smell and the environmental factors that affect scent. One of the classic tracking books!

Canine first aid:

First Aid for Pets, Robert Kirk, DVM, Sunrise Books, E.P. Hutton, NY

Canine First Aid for Search Dogs, Adela Morris

General Search & Rescue techniques:

Wilderness Search & Rescue, Tim Setnika, 1980 Applachian Mountain Club, Boston Mass

Fire Weather, Agriculture Handbook 360, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service. (out of print - check library or borrow)

International Mountain Rescue Handbook, Hamish MacInnes 1972, Charles Schribner & Sons, NY

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